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About the Atkin's Diet

Atkins is an amazing diet where you will never go hungry again yet still lose weight. This is not a gimmick, it has been around for decades now. Most people will lose 10-30 pounds in the first month! How do they do it? Eat all of the meat, cheese, eggs, fats (like butter and oils)as you like. No calorie counting. The trick? Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. The amazing thing is that you will feel better mentally and physically while doing this diet. You will find that your cravings for foods will go away and comfort foods are no longer necessary. Another benefit that most people report is increased mental alertness, no more feeling sleepy after a meal! To learn more about this diet visit The Dr. Atkins Website. To see a sample induction diet and track your weight visit http://www.atkinsdietmenu.net

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